My first Blog post! 

I debated about making a blog for a very long time. But here I am, writing on a blog.

The chances are if your reading this you came from one of my social media sites.

I originally just wanted to make YouTube videos, but I though making a blog would add a cool element to my creative life, as well as my advocacy for Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, Invisible Illness, Chronic Illness and Disability. I can assure you I’m not a very good writer as I often have trouble describing how I feel and the message I want to get across.

I do have big plans for this blog. I want to write about Chronic Illness, Disability, Invisible Illness, Lyme disease, and Chronic Pain. I would also like to have this as a place to share my feelings and emotions that come with living with so many Chronic Illnesses. I’ll be sure to make a future post that will bring you all up to speed on my current health struggles.

I also want to make downloadable mobile and desktop backgrounds with inspirational quotes and themes centered around Illness. I first have to make them;then figure out how to make them available for you all to enjoy!

I will also make a post weekly along with my YouTube videos. YouTube is my first love and one I won’t be letting go of anytime soon. I just hope I can get into blogging and love it as much as I love YouTube. I’m sure I’ll get a hang of things once I figure out how everything works.

I do hope to post bi-weekly, considering YouTube is my main focus and that takes up a fair majority of my time, as well as being sick all the time does. I figure any start is better than no start!


Sending virtual hugs to you all ~ Shaelene (aGirlWithLyme)





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