50 Random Facts About Me!

I didn’t want to make my first official post a serious one where I immediately talk about Chronic Illness.

I first want you guys to get to know me a bit…

These are  50 random facts about myself, enjoy!

Fact 1– My name is Shaelene (pronounced Shay-lean) It’s quite a unique name. I don’t know too many other Shaelene’s.

Fact 2 –  I’m 21 (my birthday is in June)

Fact 3 – I’m the middle child in my family.

Fact 4 – I live in a small rural town in Nova Scotia, Canada. And when I mean small, as in if you blink you might just miss it!

Fact 5 – I have 4 cats. Tazz (top left), Beast (top right), Fraidy Cat (bottom left) & Missie Cat (bottom right). Yes I’m aware they have some cheesy unimaginative names but their true to their personality


Fact 6 – Time to list all the illnesses! I have Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Chronic Pain, MTHFR Gene Mutation and Multiple Chemical Environmental Sensitivities.

Fact 7 –  I have an older brother (27) and a younger sister (20 – were 15 months apart)

Fact 8 – I love photography. I own a Canon PowerShot SX 530HS, which I use to take most of my photos and record YouTube videos with. I’m hoping to do a camera upgrade next year sometime. I also really love the process of editing my photos!

Fact 9 –  I’ve been sick for 8 years.I became sick with Lyme at the tender age of 13, missed a lot of school and didn’t really get to be a normal teenager. It was a hard time for me and still is.

Fact 10 – When I was 9 I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I think this stemmed from my love of the ocean and watching movies like Flipper, and Roxanne and Zeus.



Fact 11 –  I grew out of dolphins and began loving sharks. I thought sharks were way cooler, so that began my obsession. I made my mom buy me every book I saw about Sharks, I still avidly watch and read anything shark related. If I wasn’t sick I’d probably be a Marine Biologist / Shark Researcher.

Fact 12 –  I’ve always had an interest in learning- even at a young age. I was always reading  non-fiction books, watching educational TV shows (Zoboomafoo and The Magic School are my favorite).

Fact 13 – I was obsessed with Hilary Duff when I was young (still kinda am). I had posters of her plastered all over my walls, bought every movie, CD, Book, her clothing line and even her make up!

Fact 14 –  Lizzie McGuire was my favorite show growing up. Obviously, this is where my Hilary Duff obsession began, but I loved the show because it was so damn relatable! Favorite Disney show ever! I wish they’d bring the old Disney shows back!

Via Giphy

Fact 15 –  When I was 10 I could do cartwheels. I was going to go into gymnastics at one point, but I never did because it was expensive and far away.

Fact 16 –  I was also really good at snowboarding in the winter. I’m confident in saying that if I didn’t get sick I’d be better at it yet.

Fact 17 –  I’ve been bitten by ticks multiple times, hence the Chronic Lyme Disease, but of coarse I didn’t get a Bulls eye rash so I thought I was ok.

Fact 18 –  It took two years to get a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Like I said above, because I didn’t get a bulls eyes rash I thought I was fine. Lyme didn’t pop up on our radar until I saw a show on CTV’s W5 about Lyme Disease in Canada. I was able to get in contact with a doctor who treated Lyme patients in my province,who then  diagnosed me clinically through a blood test with Igenex.

Fact 19 –  My favorite season would have to be summer! I love the sunny days, walking bare foot in the yard, taking pictures, soaking up the sun. Oh how I miss summer :(.

Fact 20 – I’ve been on vacation to the Dominican republic 3 times! First with a large majority of my family (Uncle, aunts, cousins), Then again with my mom, aunt and cousin, and the last time was just my mom and I- we had the best time! I haven’t been able to go back since my mobility has declined and my symptoms have worsened.


Fact 21 –  I haven’t traveled to any other provinces in Canada except for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. To be honest, I don’t think I even set foot on N.B soil, I’ve only seen it on the way to P.E.I.

Fact 22 –  When I was little, I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. I had Winnie the pooh everything! I still sleep with my Winnie the Pooh blanket, it’s too comfortable not too!

Via Giphy

Fact 23 –  My favorite animal would have to be sharks and cats!

Fact 24 – When I was in the Dominican Republic for the first time I swam with sharks! My family thought I was crazy but it was amazing!

Fact 25 –  I have a Nova Scotian accent. If you watch my YouTube videos you can detect a slight accent.

Fact 26 –  I’m terrible at drawing! I’ve attempted to do art on several occasions and failed miserably! I just suck at it, so I think I’ll just stick to Photography and Typography!

Fact 27 – I use to do track and field in school and loved it! I was really good at the long jump and sprinting. I still tried to do it when I got sick because I was determined,  but the pain and fatigue was too much to handle.

Fact 28 –  My favorite movie series would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean. The third movie, At Worlds End is my favorite in the Series. I pretty much just love Historical Fiction movies! I plan to see the 5th movie when It comes out in theaters in May!

Via Giphy

Fact 29 –  I want to travel the world. Europe especially, going to Greece or France would be an absolute dream!

Fact 30 –  Someday I want to live in Australia- I’ve always wanted to go! The climate seems to be amazing, and the beaches are beautiful!

Fact 31 – I love history, ancient history and archaeology. I don’t know what it is about these subjects that I love so much, but I love learning about it!

Fact 32 –  I collect rocks because I love geology, not because of magical healing properties. I have quite a large collection that just keeps on growing! (Rock On!)

Fact 33 – I only started to wear full on make up when I was 19. I’m still not that great at it, but I love wearing it. Lipstick is my favorite.

Fact 34 –  I love the woods and nature in general. It’s my calm and happy place. I feel most at home, and at peace with myself when I’m in the woods, and of coarse while I’m there I watch out for the ticks and constantly check myself!

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset
This is my happy place, in the woods behind my house, back the road.
Fact 35 – My parents call me their tech guru, their not the greatest with technology and I can usually figure out any problem they have in a minute or two. It just comes naturally to me.

Fact 36 – I used to have a fish called an iridescent shark that grew to be a foot and a half long. When we bought him he was a little guy no longer than an inch, but he just kept growing and growing. At the time of his death he had out grown 5 different fish tanks.

Fact 37 –  I’m terrible at remembering things. This is such an annoying neurological symptom caused by Lyme. I often feel so old for forgetting the simplest of things. It has also been one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t been able to attend school.

Fact 38 –  I’ve never been admitted to hospital overnight. There have been many close calls, but usually doctors don’t bother with me when they hear Lyme, or they dismiss my symptoms as not concerning enough.

Fact 39 –  I’ve also never been cut open to have surgery. This I’m thankful for, I feel like I’d be very scared to get a surgery done.

Fact 40 –  I’m that person who spurts out random facts about things. I just can help it, it drives me crazy when there is historical or scientific inaccuracies in movies and TV shows. My Brother and Sister hate when I do it, but I love annoying them.

Via Giphy
Fact 41 –  I’ve never had a boyfriend. Probably due to the fact I’ve been sick for the past eight years and only leave the house for Doctors appointments and shopping trips.

Fact 42 –  Because of Lyme, I haven’t been able to finish my grade 12. I don’t even think I made it past Grade 10. I was too sick physically to attend school, and too sick cognitively to do the school work. I do hope to get my grade 12 one day and maybe attend collage.

Fact 43 – I hate oranges- anything orange flavored or scented I cannot stand. It triggers my nausea instantly!

Fact 44 –  I also hate coffee- same deal with oranges- can’t stand the smell and get instantly nauseated when I smell it.

Fact 45 –  I hate seafood and refuse to eat it. I’ve tried it many times over the years but could never like it. Fish are friends, not food.

Via Giphy

Fact 46 –  I only like to drink water and hardly ever drink anything else. Pop and some juices make me nauseated with the sugar content, even if its added or not to the drink!

Fact 47 –  I’d like to have a job in Archaeology, Marine Biology or Landscape/ Wildlife/ Travel Photography someday- I haven’t decided yet, and I don’t think my health will allow so for now I’m just doing what I can.

Fact 48 –  I’m terrified of flying in planes (Even though I’ve flown several times), and tornadoes- I can’t even look at an image of them on TV.

Fact 49 –  If I could be any mythological creature I’d be a mermaid.


Via Giphy
Fact 50 – I love making YouTube videos 😃, They keep me distracted and give me something to do other than watch TV. It make me feel like I’m actually doing something with my life.

Fact 51 –  I don’t drink alcohol, I can’t even stand the smell of beer.

Fact 52 –  I don’t swear. I think it’s rude and unnecessary for a majority of circumstances.

Fact 53 – I don’t have my drivers licences. This is directly because of Lyme, I just don’t feel well enough to be able to get my licences. I would physically not be able to do it.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me!

Be sure to check out all my Social Networks!

Thank You for reading!!



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