YouTube videos I made that you need to check out.

I’ve been posting regularly on YouTube for a year now, and quite enjoy it. I talk about Chronic Illness, Disability, Invisible Illnesses, Chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, and the experiences I’ve had with them.

So today I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of those videos.


My Chronic Lyme Disease Journey – 

This is a collection of videos, a series chronicling my 8-year journey with Chronic Lyme Disease. From early illness, diagnosis, treatment with antibiotics, rude and ignorant doctors, my experience with various symptoms, the impact Chronic Lyme has on my life daily, and what I am currently doing to combat the Chronic Lyme. This is a series that has yet to be completed, so keep and eye out for more videos in this series!


Chronic Pain Journey- 

My Chronic Pain journey is as long and extensive as my Chronic Lyme journey. I talk about the experience I’ve had with Chronic Pain over the years, from my experience with going to a pain clinic at the age of 15 and being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Fighting with my family doctor for adequate pain management and treatment/ being denied opioids for severe Chronic Pain, My experience with meeting my Chronic Pain doctor for the first time and finally getting a pain management and treatment plan after dealing with severe Chronic Pain for 2 years and moderate to severe pain for 8. I also include experiences with treatments like CBD oil for my Chronic Pain and IVs of Lidocaine and Magnesium. I still have further vlogs and experience videos with the IV’s of Lidocaine and Magnesium to come, so keep and eye out for those.


Chronic Illness, Disability, and Invisible Illness videos –

I have an entire playlist about various topics dealing with things such as

  • Coping with a Chronic Illness/ Disability – I give some advice and things I do personally to cope with my many Chronic Illnesses. Please keep in mind everyone copes with Chronic Illness and Disability differently so what may work for me may not work for you.



  • Why My Chronic Illness Does Define Me – I kept seeing this quote everywhere – “don’t let your illness/ disability define you” this didn’t sit quite right with me and made me feel like a bit of a failure because I felt that my illness and disability do define a great deal of who I am as a person, I thought making a video like this would be perfect for other people who may feel this way, a lot of people seemed to relate and enjoy it!


  • 5 Best Chronic Illness Health Apps – I shared with everyone apps I use daily to help keep me on track with my illness, I featured apps that remind you when you take your medicine, apps that let you track symptoms, journaling apps to keep track of feelings, emotions, Pain, and what events are currently going on in your life. Lots of people seemed to enjoy this video and I am planning to make a blog post on this but featuring more apps!


  • Social Media and Chronic Illness – Many of us with Chronic Illness have experienced loneliness and isolation, in this video I talk about how Social Media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook can help with feelings of loneliness- allowing people with Chronic Illness and disabilities to connect with and talk to people with similar illnesses and disabilities, Social Media is a truly a powerful tool.


  • Being Single with a Chronic Illness/ Disability – It was Valentine’s Day when this video was going up so I thought there would be no better time than to open up a conversation about the impact Chronic Illness and Disability can have on wheater or not you’re in a relationship. I came to discover many people felt that same way as I did and many great discussions came from this video.


  • Chronic Illness and Sleep + Helpful Tips – Sleep is one of the biggest struggles I have as someone with insomnia and Chronic Pain so I decided to make a video looking at what normal healthy persons sleep looks like compared to those of us with Chronic Illness. During my research, I discovered some surprising and not so surprising facts about how those of us with chronic illness get crappy sleep. I also shared with you some of my favorite tips for getting asleep and trying to stay asleep at night.


This is certainly not the end of my videos about chronic illness, disability, and invisible illness, I still have many more videos about these topics to make, talk about, and share my thoughts on.


Some of my favorite videos that I made would have to be

  • 31 Fact about Lyme Disease – I made a video for May Lyme Disease Awareness month about 31 facts about Lyme disease – a fact a day, I did a lot of researching for this video, It took me a long time to make and I’m proud of all the hard work I put into it. If you’re looking to learn more about Lyme Disease this video has a lot of good Lyme info. I may make a similar post for this May Lyme Disease awareness month.


  • Testing a Tick and my blood for Lyme Disease at home – I was in my pharmacy one day and saw test kits for detecting Lyme disease in ticks. I was very intrigued and picked one up and went back and got another one. I decided I was going to make a video on it. I had ticks collected that I had pulled off of my cat, I had both live and dead ticks to test. I also thought just for the fun of it I’d try to test my own blood, this videos took dedication- I bought both kits costing $15, spent two days filming, pricked my own finger for blood, dealt with nasty ticks and spent an entire day editing 2 hours of footage to not miss my upload date. The video turned out quite well and gathered quite a lot of views by my channels standards. It’s quite an interesting video to check out and although I got no positive results with my blood I did get positive results with the ticks! In my opinion, I think it is a very handy kit that could possibly get you faster treatment if you were to save a tick that has bitten you, test it and then bring the result to your doctor to get faster treatment. It’s not perfect and can be improved upon but I was overall quite impressed with the test kit itself.



  • One of my particular vlogs – Suffering in Pain & Going to my family doctor was one of my hardest vlogs to make. At this point in my life, I was suffering from severe pain every day with hardly any relief and my family doctor wouldn’t do anything to help me. I was frustrated, angry and felt like I was being neglected. I asked various times to be prescribed Opioids but every time I asked he refused. I was suffering. Most days I could hardly walk, or do much of anything. I was on a waiting list to see a doctor for my chronic pain. I had a year left of waiting, after pleading with my family doctor and other doctors at the ER I was able to get that bumped ahead to the fall.


  • The day I got sick tag – I made this video into a tag video, although the tag itself didn’t take off nor did it get many views I still like this video because it chronicles the exact day I got sick on December 1, 2008. I remember that day so vividly,  I thought it was a unique idea and it’s still one of my favorites.


  • I did my First Ever Q&A Video – I took questions off of my Instagram and twitter, I had such a fun time making this video. I would really like to make more Q&A’s in the future.


  • An Average Day with Chronic Lyme Disease –  I share my experiences of what a normal day with chronic Lyme is like for me, it’s not fun or glamorous, it’s actually quite boring and painful. It’s one of my favorites because I think in the video shows just how much this disease can affect your life.


  • Meeting my New Chronic Pain Doctor – After enduring a painful summer pleading with doctors to push up the date of my Pain Clinic appointment I finally met with my Chronic Pain doctor. I believe this to be a pivotal moment in my time with Chronic Pain. For so long I had doctors tell me they couldn’t do anything for my pain, and I’d just have to suffer. Although It’s been about 6 months since first meeting my Chronic Pain doctor and trying all of the treatments available to me with no conclusive results for pain management yet, I am still left suffering in extreme amounts of pain every day. Because of the opioid epidemic, even my Chronic Pain doctor cannot prescribe me opioids to help with the pain. This really sucks, but the difference I have now as opposed to before is the support I receive from my Chronic Pain doctor, I don’t say this often but he is one of my favorite doctors. Kindness, compassion, and support are qualities all doctors should be required to have.


I do want to include that I do also Vlog, I have an entire playlist which you can check out here (In September I also did a 30 day Vlog Challenge which you can watch here). In my vlogs, I share with you how I’m feeling, what I’m doing that day, where I’m going and I get to show you what my life is like living with Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, and disability.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I work very hard on my YouTube Videos and enjoy doing them so much, I know I’m not the best YouTuber or Vlogger but I think sharing my experience and opinions about living life with Chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain, Disability and Invisible Illness has been good for me, almost therapeutic.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon!

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