10 Apps for Chronic Illness

Hello, everyone! In today’s post, I want to share with you some of the best apps that I found for keeping track of all aspects of Chronic Illness. I happen to love apps and have many on my mobile device, so it only seemed natural to test out some apps to help manage and keep tabs on all aspects of my Chronic Illness.

I will present to you a few apps for different parts of your Chronic Illness, ie- Medication, Pain, Food, and Sleep. So let’s get started!



#1 – Round

img_1880    img_1886-1    img_1887-1

Round is designed to remind you when to take your medication so you never forget to take it because with Chronic Illness it seems we have a lot laying in that pill box. Round is free but you do have the option of signing up to have the app stay in sync with your other devices. It’s fairly easy and straight forward to add a medication, just click on the ‘my medicine’ icon down in the right hand corner, click the ‘+’ sign in the top right and the app will ask you the name of you medication, the strength of the dose, how often it needs to be taken, and if you choose to schedule the dose it will take you to another page and will ask you when the dose is taken, how often to take it, and how many at a time, click ‘schedule this dose and your all set! The app will send a notification to your device when the medication is to be taken! I like this app because it’s simple and easy to use.


The next four apps will focus on pain. I live with Chronic Pain every day and it’s quite complex. I have chosen four separate apps because they all track and log your pain a bit differently.



#2 – Symptomz


Just like the name suggest it tracks not only pain but other symptoms too! The best thing about this app is you can track as many symptoms as you want. All you have to do is open the app, click the icon on the lower left, click the “+” sign and type in the symptom you want to track. Select a reminder frequency, click the arrow in the lower right corner to save. And to rate, your symptom click the ‘+’ in the upper right corner and rate your symptom by dragging your finger up and down the screen to see the number adjust the severity of your symptom, then click the checkmark in the lower right corner to save. And below the symptom, it shows you a 30-day trend report. If you want something super quick and simple this is the app for you. I just wish it tracked symptoms for longer than 30 days.



#3 – Symple.

I am using the free version which has its limitations. With the free version, you can only add 10 symptoms to track and cannot use the diary feature. The app also allows you to add photos which would be great to keep track of eating habits. There’s a section called factors which allow you to add things that could attribute to your pain or other symptoms to become worse such as the weather, a strong smell, or over activity. The symptom tracking part of the app allows you to add how you feel at different times of the day ie- nite, am, mid, and pm, there are colored blocks ranging from the color green to red meaning no symptom to severe. The full version is $6.99 and allows you to add all the symptoms you want and you can access the journal feature. If your willing to pay the money I think this could be a great app to track all of the key things those of us with Chronic Illness deal with concerning symptoms, factors contributing to our symptoms, photos to help track our eating habits, and a journal to keep track of notes concerning our physical and mental health, as well as what was discussed during doctors appointments.



#4 – CatchMyPain.

img_1910    img_1913    img_1917
You do have to sign up for CatchMyPain. The app will ask you to fill in a human body with a color representing the severity of your symptom and where you’re experiencing pain. You have a front and back view, and both the right and left side of the body, you can also zoom in for easier coloring, and change the color to represent a different severity. The app will ask you about pain intensity, and to describe the kind of pain you are feeling, i.e- agonizing, burning, shooting, stabbing, throbbing, you can also rate how your feeling emotionally during this time of pain but that add-on will cost you $3.99. Another helpful feature is logging the weather for that day. This app does include a chart that tracks your pain entries over time. This app would be great for someone who has more localized pain and wants to keep track of it.



#5 – Migraine Buddy

img_1942    img_1948    img_1952
Migraine Buddy tracks the duration and type of migraines you are experiencing so they can be better tracked and understood. This is another app that you have to sign up for, the app will ask you to record a migraine, when the migraine started, the intensity, where you were when a migraine started, what may have triggered it (you can add custom places and triggers),  if you are menstruating, if you experienced an aura (did you see it coming), what symptoms you’re currently experiencing, if you took any medication, tried any migraine relief methods, how your migraine affected your activities, and where the pain had started and show you a head in which you can click areas to show where the pain started. You can also add the weather, notes, attack types and when the migraine ended. There is also a built-in sleep diary within the app. I think this is an awesome app and I certainly will be using it further to track my migraines so I can better understand them.


The next two apps will be all about food. One is for more detailed tracking and the other is very easy, simple and quick.



#6 – Cara

img_1731    img_1740    img_1745
Cara is an app that allows you to not only track what you eat in the run of a day but also allows you to track your mood, stress level, tummy pain, and bloating, as well as the texture and type of poo’s you’re having to better understand your digestive health. It also allows you to track additional symptoms, medications, and notes. It’s very simple to track all of these things, the app also provides charts. It’s also very simple to use, You again do have to sign up for this one as well.



#8 – BiteSnap

img_1861    img_2329    
BiteSnap, is just as the name suggests, an app that allows you to take pictures of your food and keep track of what you’re eating. It identifies in the picture what you are eating for easy and quick adding. It lets you select the serving size, quantity, and it calculates the calories for you. This app does give you the option to sign up to make it more tailored to your needs. I like this app because of the simplicity and how quick it is to add and track what I’m eating.



#9 – Binaural

Binaural is a very simplistic and easy to use app. Binaural beats are alternating frequencies designed to induce different states of mind, they can be used during meditation and to help one fall asleep. Although there are skeptics out there about if they actually work or not for sleep, in my experience and as someone who experiences nightly insomnia, they can at times help me fall asleep. This app offers different frequencies for different states of mind and sleep. There is a basic rain noise effect, delta/ deep sleep, theta/ meditation/ sleep, alpha/relaxation/dreams, beta/ activity, and gamma/problem solving. These are all set at different frequiencies to achieve each of these states of mind and sleep. Its very easy to use, no need to sign up, just press play, slide your finger across the screen to select a differnt effect, press play and pop in some ear buds. They do offer a full version with additional sounds, it costs $3.99.



#10 – DayOne


DayOne is a very basic and easy to use journaling app. You can type an entry, add the time, weather, location, tags, step count, current activity, music, photos and you can choose to favorite the entry. You may need to sign up. This is great if you just want to keep track of your eating habits, pain, symptoms, topics you’ve discussed with you doctor or whatever else went on in your day.

** All the apps featured were downloaded from the Canadian Apple App Store


And this is the end of the post. I hope you all enjoy some of the apps I’ve picked out. Let me know what you think about them in the comments!

Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon!

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