YouTube Video Recap January, February and March

Hello everyone, today I thought I’d bring to you a recap of all the YouTube videos I’ve made from the month of January to  March.

Hope you enjoy!


2016 Year in Review

 File_000 (7)

In this video, I do a review of all the good things and bad things that happened to me in 2016. The good being starting a YouTube Channel, Starting social media accounts to connect with other spoonies, lymies and people in Chronic Pain or with Chronic Illnesses and disabilities, and finally seeing a doctor for my Chronic Pain. The bad was the worsening of my pain and overall symptoms, battling with my family doctor for adequate pain relief and management, developing heart palpations and seeing a decline in my mobility.

My Experience with CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

File_000 (14)

I finally met my Chronic Pain doctor in September of 2016. In that appointment, he suggested I try CBD oil for my Chronic Pain. I had tried Marijuana before in the form of a butter but it didn’t help my pain. So I was hopeful that with a new method it may work. I thought it would be a cool idea to film the trial and errors of testing out the CBD oil. I tried it out over the course of a month and a half, gradually working my way up to the highest dose allowed. When I had reached the highest dose of the CBD oil I had no change in my pain. My doctor then recommended I try to mix it with another oil that has more THC instead of just all CBD. I did exactly that and started at a very small dose. This small dose made me high and the high I experienced was actually quite terrifying. I had become extremely nauseated, dizzy, lightheaded, weak, and my muscles were spasming and twitching. I experienced no pain relief- it actually put me in more pain. My doctor was surprised with what I had experienced and told me to stop the CBD, it was going to be of no benefit to me.

My Goals for 2017

File_000 (8).png

For this video, I wanted to share with everyone my plans and goals I had for myself in 2017. I am quite an ambitious person, and since starting my YouTube Channel I have come to realize I am still determined to do the things I want to do that as long as it doesn’t involve too much physical work and things I can realistically achieve. Some of the things on that list were personal goals like focusing more on my photography, read more books and do more reading in general, make a blog (which I have achieved!!), make typographic quotes to share on social media, be more active on social media and spread as much awareness as possible, and I want to grow my YouTube channel and create content and videos that people with Chronic Illnesses and disabilities can relate to. I also have some health goals that I set for myself, such as, try to figure out why I am having heart palpations, try my best to get my Chronic Pain under control, figure out why I am having so many digestive problems, start my detox protocol and of course try to eat better. Some of these goals I have already achieved, the health goals are a bit more tricky but I have begun to start my detox protocol to hopefully put me on a path to better healing.

An Average Day with Chronic Lyme Disease 


Ever wanted to know what an average day with Chronic Lyme disease is like? Well, I share my experience with you. From sleeping, getting up, eating breakfast, dealing with symptoms like nausea, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, Chronic Pain, exhaustion, migraines, constipation, and heart palpations, what I do during the day, how I deal with some of my symptoms, and what I do during the evenings. An average day for me.

Current Treatments and Future Plans


I share with you some of the current treatments I am doing for both my Chronic Lyme Disease and Chronic Pain. I also include some of the plans I have for the future like my plans of going on a detox protocol so I can build my body up for about a year before I decide if I want to start killing off the Lyme.

Social Media and Chronic Illness 

File_000 (2).png

I have to admit, I love Social Media and in this video, I explain to you why Social Media can be beneficial to those of us with Chronic Illness and Disability. When one becomes sick we loose friends, Social Media becomes an outlet of expression and connection for those of us who are chronically ill and disabled, social isolation happens often within both communities but social media is changing the way we interact and connect with each other.


Cardiologist Appointment & 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor


In late November and early December, I started to experience a lot of heart Palpations and a fast heart rate. My family doctor reffed me to see a Cardiologist. I expressed to the Cardiologist my concerns about having POTS as it’s not uncommon to have alongside Chronic Lyme (Even though I never told her I had Chronic Lyme because when I do doctors treat me differently as opposed to if I don’t tell them). The Cardiologist was adamant that I didn’t have POTS, she listened to my heart and didn’t detect anything strange, she said I was going to have to live with the palpations. She ordered for me to have a 24-hour blood pressure monitor because I was experiencing orthostatic intolerance whenever I stood up. The 24-hour blood pressure device was quite annoying and woke me up every time I fell asleep, I didn’t have a good sleep and the machine was quite finicky at measuring my blood pressure at times causing me to have to manually push the button to measure my blood pressure again. I still have not received the results from this test, when I do I will more than likely make a vlog about it, I am also due to do a 24-hour heart monitor test as well.

Why I Won’t Get Better Soon

File_001 (1).png

I made this video mostly because I was annoyed of people asking when I was going to get better and saying “get better soon” in the comments of my Facebook posts. I decided to make a video about this to educate the general population who is healthy and do not deal with Chronic health conditions. I have a Chronic Illness, Chronic means – of an Illness persisting for a long time or constantly reoccurring and hard to eradicate, in other terms, I have an Illness and I may never get better.

Being Single With a Chronic Illness or Disability


I kinda made this video on a whim when I realized one of my upload dates was going to land on Valentine’s day. Now I had never dated anyone in my life so I felt kind of awkward making this video- but this topic isn’t something that I have seen being talked about much in the spoonie community or disabled community. The fact of the matter is it is hard finding friendships let alone relationships when you have a chronic illness or disability. Often times my illness and disability do prevent me from going out and socializing with people. Valentine’s day kinda sucks when your single but don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll all find somebody who loves us for us!

Sleep and Chronic Illness + Helpful tips!


I struggle with sleep, I’ve always had since becoming sick. In this video, I explain to you how your sleep changes when you become sick with a Chronic Illness, how pain can interrupt your sleep and I include some of my best tips for getting to sleep and getting the best sleep you can possibly manage to get while living with Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain.

The Social Aspect of Chronic Illness 


I had talked previously about Chronic Illness, Disability, and Social Media and about being single with a Chronic Illness or Disability – but I never talked about how your Chronic Illness or disability can have an impact on your social life. From friends, family members and co – workers accusing you of faking your illness, not being able to keep up with your social life and cancelling plans, losing friends because of your illness, family members and friends not believing or supporting you, having to stop working or going to school, feeling isolated and beginning to feel like you’re the only one this is happening to and then that goes on to include how Social Media can be of benefit.


What is Ableism?

File_000 (3).png

In this video, I tackle the topic of Ableism, what it is and how it impacts people with Disabilities and Chronic Illness. I do plan on making more videos in the future discussing topics surrounding Ableism.

Lidocaine and Magnesium IV #2


Round #2 for my IV of Lidocaine and Magnesium for my Chronic Pain! The last IV was a bit bumpy as I endured a lot of nausea, this one was a breeze- no nausea! I was given a lower dose than the first time so I didn’t get the pain relief I was after. If you struggle with Chronic Pain and are interested in this treatment be sure to watch my first video with this treatment and let me know if you would like a blog post about my experiences with this treatment.

1 Year on YouTube 

1 year on YouTube is a big milestone for me as in the beginning I didn’t think my health would allow for me to keep up with making videos, even though most days it has been a struggle to get a video up I proved to myself that I am determined to educate people about Chronic Illness, Disability, Chronic Lyme Disease and Chronic Pain. I talk about all the ups and downs I went through on YouTube and some of my most popular videos!

4 Good Things About Chronic Illness

I know the title of this video may be a bit off-putting, could there really be some good things about having a chronic illness? The answer, while there are many things I hate about having a Chronic Illness, having a Chronic Illness has taught me so much about myself, I’ve become more compassionate, kind, understanding, empathic and more comfortable with being myself.

Human Guinea Pig- Life with Chronic Illness 


Are you constantly enduring blood draws, testing, medical procedures, trying new prescription medications, treatments, diets, and vitamins? Chances are you often feel like a guinea pig or lab rat. And that is exactly what this video is about.



Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon!

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