YouTube Video Recap January, February and March

A recap of the YouTube videos I’ve made between the months of January, February and March.

I talk about what 2016 was like for me , future goals, my experience with CBD oil for Chronic Pain, what it’s like to live with Lyme disease, current and future treatments for Lyme Disease and Chronic Pain, I talk about Social Media and Chronic Illness, my experience with seeing a cardiologist for my heart palpitations and a 24-hour blood pressure monitor, why I won’t get better soon, being single with a Chronic Illness or Disability, sleeping with Chronic Pain & Illness, dealing with the impact your illness has on your friends, family and social life, I discuss various forms Ableism, my second experience vlog with IV Lidocaine and Magnesium, I talk about my one year YouTube anniversary, some positives about having a chronic illness, and why I feel like a human guinea Pig.